COVID-19 Safety Guidelines
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*Blended Austin - Update Sep 3, 2021*

In light of the current Covid-19 protocols in place in the City of Austin, Blended Festival will be working alongside The Long Center to comply with all city guidelines in order to produce a fun and safe event for all attendees.In compliance with the current City of Austin guidelines, attendees will be required adhere to the following rules & regulations:

*Negative Covid Test within 72 hours is required, regardless of vaccination status. For those who choose not to get a test in advance, we will be offering rapid Covid-19 testing services on property for an additional fee.

*Masks must be worn at all times, unless eating or drinking
* Covid-19 health survey completed via the Clear Health App - download below

Blended Festivals and CLEAR announced a partnership to utilize CLEAR's Health Pass to more safely welcome fans back to summer music festivals. Launching the first festival in Nashville, Tennessee, on August 13th and 14th, fans will be able to use Health Pass to connect their verified identity with a real-time health survey - creating a safer, seamless and expedited entry. has already announced headline talent like Kaskade, Nelly, and Bryce Vine, so crowds are expected, but how can attendees feel safe returning to musical festivals this summer and beyond? The answer is CLEAR, a mobile solution that is helping attendees of large events around the nation feel safer.

"The Blended Festivals team is excited that our fans can use the CLEAR Health Pass to manage their COVID-19-related health information and expedite their entry into all of our festivals this summer," said Blended Festivals Director of Media and Communications Kristy Rumsey. "Our top priority is the safety of the talent and fans who make Blended Festivals the iconic summer events that they are. CLEAR's platform is in line with our vision for executing safe events and also helps us show that we have a clear plan for re-opening."

Attendees from fans to vendors will have access to Health Pass; a free, mobile experience by CLEAR that securely connects a user's verified identity to multiple layers of COVID-19-related health information to help reduce public health risk and get people back to what they know and love. More than 60 organizations across the country use Health Pass to create safer environments, including teams across all major sports leagues, the state of Hawaii, and many more.

How It Works: Using Health Pass

Download and Enroll at Home: Fans download the free CLEAR app, open the Health Pass feature, select their event, and then verify their identity by uploading an identifying document and snapping a quick selfie.

Health Survey: Before entering the venue, fans open Health Pass on their CLEAR app, verify their identity with a selfie, and then answer a few health survey questions.

Touchless Access: Depending on their COVID-related health information, people are issued a red or green notification on their Health Pass app.

Privacy First: With CLEAR, you are always in control of your information. The venue only receives confirmation a person has satisfied the requirements for access with the equivalent of a red light or green light signal - and never has access to an individual's private health details.

*Safety requirements and procedures are subject to change based on local & federal regulations and/or mandates.
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If you are not feeling well and have symptoms or have tested positive for COVID in the past 14 days, you may request a refund by contacting . Lineups and times are subject to change. Valid government-issued photo ID required for entry to age-restricted events. Tickets available at the door (if not sold out). No re-entry.